Buck Rogers Adventure Excitement  25 Century  Game Rare

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Buck Rogers Adventure Excitement 25 Century Game rare

High Adventure Cliffhangers Buck Rogers Adventure, Excitement, Thrills Adventure Game.

Welcome to the 25th Century, a time of super ? science, and a time of rebellion against the powerful invaders of America. A time of mighty airships armed with deadly disintegrator cannons. A time of valor, filled with heroes armed with rocket pistols, jumping belts, and good old fashioned courage. A time of danger, with shadows filled with black-hearted scourges. A time for a hero like Buck Rogers and you!

Join Buck and all his friends in the 25th Century with this new adventure game created to thrill, excite, and delight. One player is the Game Master, who controls the adventure, while the other players take on the roles of heroes in this far-flung exciting future. Together, they create a continuing game campaign which continues over a number of sessions; the thrills escalate as the players? heroes become more talented and powerful.


A 32 page Rule Book, which gives you the basics of how to be a player and a Game Master in the BUCK ROGERS ADVENTURE GAME.

A 48 page, full World of the 25th Century Book, which describes the classic future world of Buck Rogers, a world of discovery and rebellion.

A 48 page, full-color Adventure Book drops your heroes immediately into the thick of things, battling on the side of the American Rebels against the evil invaders.

Two full-color, large scale maps put the 25th Century right on your gaming table.

Loads of stand-up counters and tiles put the futuristic action right before your very eyes.

10 six-sided Dice, used to determine your character?s fate in the game.

40 Experience Chips let you character mark his or her progress in skill and fame.

Its all here, complete and contained within this one box: an entire, easy to learn, role-playing intensive adventure extravaganza, suitable for a would-be rocket rangers from age 10 ? age 510!

This great game is designed by Jeff Grubb & Steven Schend

Buck Rogers is a registered trademark used under license from the Dille Family Trust. Copyright 1993. This game is factory sealed and is in mint condition.

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