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Chevron Car - Limited Edition marked 2,000/2,000

If you can not get number one of an edition this is the second best number you can get.

On the back of the piece it reads:

Name That Toon, Chevron and Ardman Animations confirm that this is an authentic piece of Animation artwork created from the Chevron tremendously popular television marketing campaign.

In recognition of the rapidly growing market for original artwork, Chevron released a limited offering animation cel created from elements used in their popular 'Techron' commercial. The stop-motion clay animated imagery is transferred from the original film components and printed onto celluloid acetate to create a brilliant animation cel.

The Chevron Cars were conceived by Charles McQuilkin art director for Yong & Rubicam Advertising, and were brought to life by Aardman Animations of Great Britain.

This award-winning clay animation studio has received international acclaim by creating outstanding animation for the entertainment industry. More that four weeks of stop motion animation production was required to produce the animated sequence from which this frame was derived. The various elements of this image have been specially recomposed digitally for the limited edition frame.

The accompanying hand numbered limited edition cel is from the commercial entitled, 'Wash Me.'

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