Disney Fox and the Hound Owl dated 1981 Lobby Card

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Disney Fox and the Hound Lobby Card

Disney Lobby Card. Big Mama the owl, Dinky and Boomer birds.

This is an original reproduction Lobby card that is Marked The Walt Disney Company and it is dated 1981

This is a lobby card that was given to theaters only. It measures approx. 11x14 inches.

I used my scanner which did not get a good picture of the entire card the bottom is cut off if you need a better picture I can make one for you. This card is larger then my scanner.

I have many more Lithographs.

If you do not find what you are looking for email I probably have it listed ask me and I will email you the item number.

Lobby cards are similar in texture and size as a lithograph but a Lobby card was what Disney used to promote movies and only given to the theaters to use for promotions and were never sold to the public. This is a piece of history of Disney Promotions.P>

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