Disney Magic Carpet ride Aladdin & Jasmine 3d Print

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Disney Magic Carpet ride Aladdin & Jasmine 3d Print

3d Lenticular Print

flick print when you flick this print you will see the characters change positions.

Marked Walt Disney Productions

This is nice enough to frame.

size: approx: 4 inches by 6 inches

Three-dimensional lenticular images are created using several photographs (or in the case of digital imaging, similar views) of an object, each at a slightly different angle. After individual images are interlaced, or 'woven,' together, the composite image is printed as an interlaced photograph or graphic image. The final output is then matched and laminated with a special, high-resolution, multi-faceted (lenticular) lens that creates 3-D or animated signage.

As the viewer peers at the lenticular picture, the lens face splits the image into a series of left and right views that are optically combined by the viewer into a single 3-D or animated image.

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