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Disney WDW - Millennium AP Days (Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand) .Issued only to Annual Passholders on a few nights in October 1999, this depicts the torch burning inside the globe of the Epcot Millennium fireworks show; it is done in greens, yellow and oranges over a green globe, with the Epcot logo in various colors. Beneath it is a gold-lined black shape with "MILLENNIUM ANNUAL PASSHOLDER DAYS, OCTOBER 1999" in yellow, the Walt Disney World logo in purple and blue, and "Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand" in yellow. At the bottom is the millennium Mickey ears "2000" in yellow, blue and green.

This is the first Walt Disney World Annual Passholder pin.

This gold-finished, textured-back pin measures 2 13/16" (71 mm) tall by 1 1/16" (27 mm) wide. The backstamp is "' Disney."

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