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Disneyana 2000 Mickey with IASW dolls Pin.

The Official Logo pin for the 2000 Disneyana Convention, this is a white semi-circular pin with light green laurel branches going up the sides and a red 2000 across the top. The bottom reads 'it's a small world' in yellow on a blue banner; under the banner are the words 'Walt Disney World.'

The center of the pin has Mickey leaning forward on his arms with two 'It's a Small World' dolls on either side of him. He is white-faced and pie-eyed, with a big smile. Behind him is a field of yellow; he is framed by a blue circle of color with the words 'Official Disneyana Convention' inscribed in red on it.

The pin measures 1 1/2 inches (3.8 cm) wide by 1 1/2 inches (3.8 cm) high. On the reverse is the 2000 Logo with the words 'Celebrate the Future Hand In Hand' and 'Walt Disney World,' (c) Disney and Made in China.

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