Disney Cinderella CM Only LE 1500 Lithograph

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Disney Cinderella Cast Member Only LE Lithograph.

This lithograph is just beautiful. Lithograph Cast member Exclusive Gold Seal Limited edition of 1,500. This is a Cast member exclusive. it is 16 inches by 20 inches

It is matted on heavy duty matting. This Lithograph was hung for a Disney and has a few thumb tack holes in it which are hardly noticeable but you can see them if you look for them.

It is still in the plastic seal around the lithograph, on the back of the lithograph on plastic seal it says: A little something for my Cinderella Love David. It is not on the lithograph or the back of it only on the plastic seal, at all it is only on the plastic wrap. It is ready to be put right into a frame. It is just beautiful. This is a real find. It is a real beauty. I have seen this same item sell at auction for $495.00 and up. It is really nice. It has 3 lithographs and informative information the written part about the movie. This is a rare collector's item.

I have many more Lithographs.

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