Disney Donald, Goofy & Mickey Founding Fathers Pin/Pins

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Walt Disney's Donald Duck -

Pin 5647: Walt Disney World (WDW) - Independence Day 2001(Donald, Goofy & Mickey as Founding Fathers)

A blue stripe down the left side reads 'Independence Day.' A red stripe on the bottom reads 'Walt Disney World(r)' Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey Mouse are on a pin-on-pin portraying three of the founding fathers of the United States of America. Mickey Mouse is presumably portraying Thomas Jefferson penning the Declaration of Independence, as Donald Duck and Goofy look over his shoulder.

The background is lenticular and shifts from red and white stripes of the American flag to stars on a field of blue.

The pin measures 1 5/8 inches (41 mm) square. The backstamp is, 'Limited Edition'

Materials: hard enamel

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