Disney Fab 5 Bronze LE 25 Chilmark

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Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Pluto together in this Bronze Limited Edition of 50

Titled: California or Bust Bronze Limited Edition 50.

Mint Conditon in the original box.

Never removed from box.

Size: 8 inches in length on a marble base.

California Here WE Come!!!! Open up your Golden Gate, California, here we come Mickey and the Gang!

Lured by the promise of fame and fortune, they've loaded the old jalopy to the hit the rode to journey to the promised land. They are filled with a sprit of adventure.

Goofy has his nose buried in the map - literally. Who picked him as as navigator?? But what the heck, with Donald Duck up in the crows nest and Pluto with his eyes glued to the road they may not take the shortest route, but it's sure to be the most exciting. Mickey and Minnie as the pilot and co pilot. It is steady as it goes.

This is made of the finest metals money can buy It is made strictly within the USA. This is a real master piece.

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