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Magical Musical Moments - Fun and Fancy Free Disney Pin

It has Mickey, Donald, & Goofy on it.

Mickey is in the center of the pin holding up a gold chest that is open (musical notes are coming out of the chest. Mickey is wearing a red tunic, brown shoes, and a yellow hat with a red feather in it. Donald is on the left side of the pin looking up at the chest. Donald is wearing a blue tunic and yellow hat with a blue feather in it. Goofy is behind Mickey on the right side of the pin looking at the gold chest. Goofy is wearing a blue hat, yellow top, brown pants, and brown shoes. They are all standing on a green oval that has the words 'Fun & Fancy Free' on it, the letters are Orange, Brown, Blue and Red (one color for each word)

Picture is courtesy of pinpics site.

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