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Walt Disney's Peter Pan - Goebel Miniature set only.

The figures are Bronze Hand painted. (Look on the third picture down to see how this set is made.) The displays are made of Resin.

This Disney Goebel Miniatures Peter Pan set includes the following figurines: Peter Pan, Wendy, John, Michael, Nana the dog, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Lost Boy Rabbit, and Lost Boy Fox.

The displays are as follows: Peter Pan Neverland and Peter Pan London.

This set is very hard to find.... this set comes you to from a smoke free home and all the pieces are in good shape but not perfect I would have to inspect each one to let you know the shape they are in. I may still have the original boxes but I do not know for sure for these have been on display in my home and I would have to check for boxes.

I am selling this at a very low realistic price... ...The set is what you see in the picture - it is complete. The original retail price on this set (if you could find all of it on a dealer's shelf was: $1,410.00, and It now books for over $2,000.00.) Below you can read from this brochure How these piece are made. It tells it is all.

This is my very last set I have of these figurines and displays. The figurines have been on display in my home and all of them may not be in mint condition if you need to know on each one email me or call me and will go over each one and tell you if there are any problems with them and inspect them at that point if you need to know.

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