Disney Toy Story 1 3d out of Print by John Lasseter

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Toy Story 1

3d rare out of Print by John Lassetter

This book is Toy Story 1 with a 3d cover rare out of Print Disney book called The and Making of the animated film Toy Story by John Lasseter and Steve Daly. With the premiere of Toy Story in 1995, a new era in the history of feature film animation has dawned. The FIRST EVER computer animated full-length motion picture. Toy Story is the extraordinary result of the unique collaboration between the Walt Disney Co., the leader in traditional animation, and Pixar, the award winning computer animation studio. In the Toy Story: The Art & the Making of the animated film, author Steve Daly teams with director John Lasseter to tell the tale of how these two visionary companies joined together and set out to do what had never been done before. At the heart of their journey lies the collaboration and sense of discovery that went into developing this computer animated 'buddy movie.'

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