Disney WDCC Tinkerbell with stand rare Figurine

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Walt Disney Classic Collection (WDCC) Tinkerbell with stand

Figurine/Mint sculpture / figurine ornament

size of item: 4 inches tall.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Walt Disney Classic Collection (WDCC). She is made of porcelain. The price includes the original stand which was sold separately by the WDCC. The stand is made of metal. The picture I am showing is from a Walt Disney Classic Collection (WDCC) brochure.

Tinkerbell's wings are thin but not that delicate. The wings look sturdy. She will connect to the stand at the top of her head when she hangs. You do not see the connection that well in the picture. Made in the year 1996 . I hope that you decide to buy her she is really nice. Rena

Tink, Tinkerbelle, Tinker Bell

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