Flash Gordon Space Car Discovery 1956 die Cast Metal

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Flash Gordon Space Car Discovery 1956 Die Cast Metal Floor Flyer.

This Flash Gordon Floor Flyer is Die Cast Metal space vehicle from the comic strips of Flash Gordon 1934-1993. On the back of this carded Space car Discovery 1956 the card is dated 2005. This is a very hard to find toy. A great gift to give for Christmas to that little sci fi collector.

Evil Ming the Merciless from planet Mongo, is bent on a mission to destroy the entire earth by causing a collision with the moon, and Flash Gordon must blast off into space to same mankind! Always accompanied by the beautiful Dale Arden, the handsome and daring Flash, along the scientist, Dr. Hans Zarkov, become intergalactic defenders of earth against the evil Ming, who persists with his continuous, deadly attacks.

Flash Gordon was created to challenge the already successful Buck Rogers scientist-fiction comic strip that debuted five years earlier, in 1929. However, the superior artistry of its creator, Alex Raymond, quickly made Flash Gordon the most popular of all Sci-Fi comic strips.

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