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Futurama Super King Bender and Calculon Auction 2 Figures. Mint in box as you see in the picture.

Calculon is the most magnificent acting robot ever programmed. Or so he is programmed to act as if he is. And act as if he is he does. Magnificently. He is the star of the 31st century's most popular robot soap opera., All My Circuits, in which he plays a root named Calculon. He has appeared in numerous feature films including his Oscar non-nominated role in the Magnificent Three. A frequent guest on Humorbot 5.0's Late Night with Humorobot 5.0, Calculon has been linked romantically and mechanically with his co star Monique. He is a former president of the League of Robots, the original were car, and on again off again stalking victim of his biggest fan, Bender, whom he almost married while passing as a fembot name Collette.

Super King Bender has all the powers of king plus all the power of Superman. Also he's a robot. Ain't it cool. So says and asks the Super King verse of the New Justice Team song. With the other members of the New Justice team, Clobberella, and Captian Yesterday, Super King fights crimes and evil doing, some of it not of his own doing. Briefly known as 'El Zilcho' Super King's super powers include super strength, extendable limbs and eyes, and a door on his chest filled with whatever the needs to fight crime, get a laugh or drink a beer, much like another robot named Bender who has those identical traits and never seems to be around when Super King is on the scene. But, unlike Bender Super King rules!

This figure is approximately 6 inches tall.

This action figures are by Toynami. This action figure features multiple points of articulation and character-specific accessories. Also included with each figure is one of the six pieces to assemble the 'Robot Santa.'

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