Futurama Series 7 & 8 Roberto Build a Bot complete set

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Futurama Series 7 & 8 Robot Roberto Build a Bot

Here you will get to collect all four Futurama Figures and you can build your own Roberto! And make it snappy, so Roberto can get right back to 'practicing his stabbin'

Futurama 4 Action Figures complete set of 4 figures and you get to build you own Roberto Bot.

Each action figure comes with Exclusive Roberto Build A bot part.

Professor Farnsworth and Nibbler

Herbert J. Farnsworth was born April 9, 2851 in New New York?s nerdiest slum, Hell?s Laboratory. A precocious child, Herbert learned to read while he was still in diapers at age 8. Before long he blossomed into a greasy teenager. After 14 years of grad school Farnsworth settled into the glamorous life of a scientist: Fast cars, trendy night spots beautiful woman he designed them all working out of his tiny one room apartment. For 50 years he worked at Mom?s Friendly Robot Company, where he created the first robot capable of qualifying for a boat loan. The owner of Planet Express, he has his own spaceship able to move the universe at light speed, a drawer full of various lengths of wire, and clone named Cubert.


Hermes Conrad is Planet Express' own Grade 35 bureaucrat but he?s much more. He has been a Grade 37 bureaucrat, a grade 36 bureaucrat, and for shining time, a Grade 34 bureaucrat. Aside from being able to file, collate, and organize, he can fill out requisition, staple, clip, bind fold, spindle or mutilate anything or anybody. He has form being an officious office official, he has achieved Olympic status in the cutthroat world of competitive limbo. Bring Jamaican, there is no meat that mean can?t jerk. He is husband to the very gall LaBarbara, and father to the dreaded Dwight.

Chef Bender

Even though he was built with tastes buds, chef Bender takes tremendous pride in his cooking. His meals are always seasoned perfectly, with salt content at 10% below a fatal dose. His specialties include Neptunian slug, baked pony, and pie a la insect swarm.


Known only by her nickname, Mom is the best loved corporate mogul on Earth. The CEO of Mom?s Friendly Robot Company, MomCo, Mombil, and numerous other holding companies, the kindly old lady is loved by young and old alike. Beneath her synthetic bodice, however is a vicious, chain smoking, ruthless martinet in spandex who metes out punishment with a cruel word and a firm hand. That hand is usually used to slap her three stoogely sons, Walt, Larry and lgner, who work for her and do her dirty work. She has had an on again off again on her again relationship with Professor Farnsworth for nearly 100 years which often coincides with her need to use his inventing prowess in her plans to for domination.

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