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Nightmare Before Christmas heads coffin Doll Jack with 2 Released for USA market.

Doll Jack in Grey Coffin Nightmare coffin Christmas. Jack has 2 heads. One is on his head and an additional head so you can switch his faces. They are interchangeable.

This Jack Doll is mint in the coffin never removed from it the coffin is not aligned perfectly and showing it’s age, see the picture of the outside of the coffin.

Jack name on the coffin is written in black lettering. On the back of the box it says Disney distribute by toycom from Japan to you. Jack Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas with the Touchstone Pictures © on it. It reads Jun Planning Co., Inc which is located in Japan.

Jack comes with an additional head so you can interchange his heads.

This was one of the first dolls that was actually distributed to the USA and brought over from Japan by an American Company. Never on Display or played with. Coffin is also in near mint Condition except it not aligned perfectly see the picture of the outside of the coffin. This doll has sold at auction for a high of $250.00 so this is a great price.

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