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Star Wars Interactive  Video Board Game rare

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Star Wars Interactive Video Board Game rare

This game contains original movie scenes plus Darth Vader Gootae You've never seen before. PLAY THE GAME PLAY THE TAPE. This interative movie board game allows you to take part in this all new Star Wars adventure. Set up the 3-D Death Star Wars adventure. Set up the 3D Death Star, which becomes your video cassette recorder... but don't press Play yet!

First you have to prepare for your adventure! Select Rebel and an R2 droid, then arm yourself for your encounter with Darth Vader!


When you're ready to start the video. As you complete your mission, Darth Vader will monitor your every movie, instructing you, commanding you, trying to control you.

Play again and again Your mission will never be the same twice. Set the game up again and again and try some more to defeat the dark side!

Included with this game: 60 minute video, Game board, 12 star wars figures, 13 Star Wars Figures, 36 Cardboard Explosives.

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