Thomas tank engine Bill 1993 Collector Card number 16 ertl die Cast metal

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Thomas the tank engine Ben ertl MOC V. Rare I believe this to be Die Cast metal but the card does not say so. This comes on Collector Card number 16. It says on the back of this card: This has the copy right of © Britt Allcroft (Thomas) Limited 1993 Bill and Ben are twins: Identical in every respect, and it is fair to say, probably the most teasing and mischievous characters of the whole Railway family. They wear big identical twins and work most between the clay pits of the Sodor China Clay Company and the harbor which is just as well, since too long in their company drives the senior engines to distraction.

Historical Note: Bill and Ben are two identical low slug 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Engines.

This is carded is in mint condition except a couple of minor imperfection to card . Never Played with. Never taken out of this card. If your little one is a Thomas the Tank fan, take this opportunity to pick up his or her favorite characters -- it's fun to act out the stories or play along with Thomas the Tank and friends on TV.

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