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Thomas the tank engine Lord Harry ertl MOC 6. Rare I believe this to be Die Cast metal but the card does not say so. This comes on Collector Card number 46. It says on the back of this card: This has the copy right of © Britt Allcroft (Thomas) Limited 1996 No. 6. Lord Harry is on of the new mountain engines, and is very reckless, He reckons his Super Heat means he can to twice as fast as the other engines. This caused him to come off the track once. The Manager put him in a engine shed and disgrace, and took away his name.

Historical Note Lord Harry is based on a mountain engine built in the 1920 by the Swiss Locomotive and machine Co. pioneers in mountain rack and pinion railways.

This is carded is in mint condition except a couple of minor imperfection to card . Never Played with. Never taken out of this card. If your little one is a Thomas the Tank fan, take this opportunity to pick up his or her favorite characters -- it's fun to act out the stories or play along with Thomas the Tank and friends on TV.

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